Scanning 2017

With a decent Autumn, the reports on scanning results from around NZ have been pretty solid. The Pahiwi 2 tooth Romney studs scanned 194%, and the mixed age Romneys studs …

Mating 2017

Welcome to our recently up graded website, we’ve added a couple of updates from on farm to catch up. It was great to get a real Autumn this year to …

Tagging time!

A few pics here showing the process of tagging at birth and the great mothering ability of the Pahiwi ewes. 2016 marks 60 years of breeding for us since Pat Tennent began recording in 1956. Selecting for strong mothering ability and high lamb survival rates have been well locked into our flocks genetic make up over that time.

Check out the latest Heartland Beef magazine

Check out the latest Heartland Beef magazine issue to read an article on Brian Pim. Brian has been successfully using Pahiwi Romneys and Suffolks for a number of years. A top operator doing the basics well!