Selection emphasis has been placed on breeding for a high performance terminal sire with high survival, growth rate and increased meat yield via eye muscle area scanning.

Key points

  • Est. 1992.
  • Survival, growth, and meat all recorded on SIL and stud fax.
  • High survival and easy lambing – lambs have plenty of ‘get up and go’.
  • Unmatched growth rates, lambs grow up to 450 grams per day.
  • Continual rapid genetic progress in the eye muscle area, via scanning to increase saleable meat yields.
  • Retaining 100% hybrid vigour, the Pahiwi Suffolk also provides easy identification with dark faced lambs. 
  • Suffolk x lambs often command a premium if sold store due to the uniform dark faces and meaty composition.
  • Sires have been DNA tested for Footrot resistance since 2006, we have made great progress here.
  • Members of Suffolk NZ, rams are also linked with the Premier Suftex group.
  • Pahiwi sires and linked sires feature strongly in the central progeny test and SIL ACE.
  • Pahiwi Suffolk rams are used as a terminal sire over all ewe age groups successfully including hogget’s.