Selection emphasis has been placed on breeding for a hill country terminal sire = breeding for a moderate well fleshed sheep with high performance.

Key points

  • Est. 1992.
  • Survival, growth, and meat all recorded on SIL to produce our NZ Terminal Worth indexes. ALL of our data recording is carried out under hill country conditions. Only the best ewe replacements are retained from our 520 strong recorded ewe flock, constitution and structure come first.
  • High survival and easy lambing – lambs have plenty of ‘get up and go’.
  • Impressive growth rates, lambs grow up to 450 grams per day.
  • Continual rapid genetic progress in the eye muscle area, utilising ultrasound scanning to increase saleable meat yields.
  • Pahiwi Suffolk also provides easy identification with dark faced lambs. 
  • Suffolk x lambs often command a premium if sold store due to the uniform dark faces and meaty composition.
  • Strict selection around foot structure.
  • Members of Suffolk NZ, rams are also linked with the Premier Suftex group.
  • Pahiwi sires and linked sires feature strongly in the central progeny test and SIL ACE.
  • Pahiwi Suffolk rams are used as a terminal sire over all ewe age groups successfully including hogget’s.