Below are several client testimonials detailing top results achieved using Pahiwi genetics.

Stu and Wayne Smith, Carlyon Station, Central Hawkes Bay

We changed to Pahiwi Romneys in 2015. Since then we have noticed an improvement in performance across the board but particularly in fertility and survival. In 2019 we acheived a record docking percentage of 147% (ewes to ram) on class 5 and 6 summer dry hill country.

Haydn Crispin, Flemington, Central Hawkes Bay

I consider Pahiwi Romney rams a valuable asset within our farming operation. Our aim is to have a strong Romney base and with Dave and Robs focus and commitment to continually improve the genetics of their sheep we are pleased with the results. Our flock is consistently docking over 150% with all non replacements finished. We have been supplied rams from Pahiwi for many years now and will continue to recommend them to anyone thinking of making a change to improve their flock.

Matt McKenzie, Gore.

Pahiwi rams do really well here. They are good doers, great types with solid hind quarters. Run with other top North Island Romney rams they stand out with good constitution. I shear the rams and check them over, they have nice wool too.

Paddy Bull, Mangatawhiti Station, Wairoa

Mangatawhiti has been selecting Pahiwi Romney rams since 1998. The progeny these lambs are leaving have shown good fertility with top scanning and lambing results. They are strong, robust sheep with excellent mothering ability and proven longevity. They also have a high wool clip. I have total confidence in Pahiwi genetics. They are paramount to us achieving a top performing flock on our hill country station.

Shane Jansen, Punawai Farm, Ashley Clinton

Punawai Farm have been using Pahiwi Suffolks over our ewe hoggets for the past 15 years. In that time we have been getting very good results. The main attributes are ease of lambing and fast lamb growth rates with all progeny finished over 18 kg CW. The rams have a high vigor and the ability to get a high percentage in lamb over one cycle. I have no hesitation in recommending these terminal sires.

Sarah and Tony Fairweather, Makino, Dannevirke.

We started purchasing Pahiwi Suftex rams in 2014. We find their offspring to be mobile and active after birth giving us good survival. They are also fast growing and high yeilding allowing us to acheive a high percentage of lambs killed off their mothers. The rams are lasting well too. 

Micheal Loffler, Whangara, Gisborne

Farming 30 kilometres north of Gisborne, I have been using Pahiwi Suftex since 2008 over my terminal ewe mob. I have achieved great muscling and length, combined with an early maturing lamb. This enables me to draft on average 70% of the terminals in November and the rest 4 weeks later.
I also use the Pahiwi Suftex over my hoggets. I drafted 22% off Mum pre-Christmas, killing out at 17.2 kg CW in 2012. I also had very little lambing trouble with the hoggets. The Pahiwi Suftex are proving to be an excellent terminal sire that are providing great dividends to our business, I am sure that I still have not reached the full potential of the Pahiwi Suftex.