Selection of 2 tooth sires

We thought it was a good time to post some of our top keeper rams for this year, some were used as hoggets. We are wrapt with the genetic progress across our breeds, with quality and constitution locked in.

The new NZ maternal worth and NZ terminal worth indexes are providing farmers with an easier way of selecting rams over time.

Pahiwi Romney 495/16 NZMW 2714.

Pahiwi Romney 1152/16 NZMW 3174

Pahiwi Suftex 102/16 NZTW 1294

New Suffolk sire Paki iti 1054/16 NZTW 1466

Our new Charollais sire which we have a half share in, top priced ram at the Elite Charollais sale,

Elite Charollais 305/16 NZTW 977