Selection emphasis has been placed on breeding for hardy hill country terminal sires. Moderate well fleshed sheep with high performance.

Key points

  • Hill country bred terminals with all of our data recording  carried under these conditions to give clients confidence. Solid NZ Terminal Worth indexes.
  • A high survival terminal, lambs are quick onto their feet and bond well with ewes.
  • Growth rates similar to the Pahiwi Suffolk.
  • Lambs sired by Pahiwi Suftex rams can be drafted to lower live weights and still maintain high carcass weight due to the extra yield advantage of the Texel combined with over 20 years of muscle scanning in the Suffolk program.
  • The Pahiwi Suftex ewe flock is stabilised allowing selection for darker faces for easy identification.
  • Vigorous meaty sires also ideal for hogget mating.
  • Strict selection around foot structure.
  • Members of the Premier Suftex group, a large progressive group of breeders utilising genetic linkages and across flock analysis with an eye for the future. Eg; involvement in meat quality DNA testing. Rams and ram hoggets from the group are anually entered in a number of Central Progeny Test sites across the country.